Destiny Overview

Destiny is an original three act musical. The story is about three characters, Paul Conrad, Peter Hudson 
and Mary, who find themselves in situations that alter or support their view of how they reach their 
destiny. The musical takes them from childhood through young adulthood and we see how their 
dreams either become reality or morph into something else. 
The characters struggle with situations we all encounter: educational choices, career choices, and 
personal relationships. Their individual perspective of success is influenced by their experiences, as well 
as their personal view of faith. 

The musical is set in Missouri and specifically, the Kansas City area. There are many references made to 
Kansas City landmarks and culture. The time span of the musical is about 25 years from 1980-2005. 
Destiny does have faith as a re-occurring theme with subtle dialogue that paraphrases some famous 
prayers and scripture. It doesn’t make reference to any specific religion. It doesn’t try to direct the 
audience into one specific perspective but rather presents questions most of us ponder at some point in 
our journey. Why do things happen the way they do? Why is there so much uncertainty about the 
future? Do choices alone lead us to our ultimate Destiny. 

Destiny, has all the elements found in most of today’s entertainment. Humor, tragedy, triumph and of 
course, love. It is family friendly while inviting the audience to remember a time in their lives when the 
mystery of “who will I be," was the driving force that led them to find their Destiny.