Mission Statement

          Our purpose is to use our God given talents and honed skill sets to provide area churches with a unique worship experience in the absence of their Pastors and/or Music Directors. 
          Notes by Grace Ministries was created to fill a need in the local church. Every person in leadership has times when they must be absent from their congregations and Notes by Grace Ministries is here to help. We are prepared to lead worship from start to finish so there is no pressure on church members to “fill in the gaps.” However, there may be some churches whose members will want to be involved during worship. We have opportunities in our worship programs for member participation as well. 
          Notes by Grace Ministries is designed to be a full-service ministry. We are equipped to meet your church’s musical needs in whatever style of worship your congregation is accustomed. We are also experienced in introducing new styles of worship to congregations who have been reluctant to try something new, or those churches who simply lack the leadership and resources to experience more contemporary worship. I have team members who are ordained ministers, so Notes by Grace Ministries can deliver an appropriate sermon or one based on your denomination’s lectionary. 
          The most important aspect of Notes by Grace Ministries is that we carefully and prayerfully prepare for each individual worship experience. We want to bring the message God inspires us to bring to your congregation. Whatever needs you are experiencing, or concerns you may have, we want you to feel you can share those with us. Knowing the needs of your congregation will allow us to humbly listen for God’s direction as we prepare to serve your church through our ministry.